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Key Benefits Of Playgrounds On Kids Early Development

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that children love playgrounds. In fact, kids of all ages (including adults) will not miss an opportunity of playing around if one happens to be in a playground. The freedom of running around, going up and down the slide, swinging back and forth the swing, etc. gave a feeling of euphoria that leave anyone feeling good and lighthearted.

In children, the importance of going to the playground cannot be overlooked as proven by the several studies made on this subject. The book published by Association for Children Education International (ACEI) entitled “The Developmental Benefits of Playgrounds” discusses the significant contribution of playground in the comprehensive development needs of the child.

Although there are numerous advantages that can be mentioned regarding the importance of playground on kids’ development, however, these can all be compressed into 3 key significant benefits:

Development of Motor Skills

The playground is a place where a lot of physical activity is involved; as such, the kids’ physical ability will naturally develop. The set-up of a playground requires a child to make use of his or her body parts; and going frequently to the playground, you can expect that the child’s motor skills will improve.

The equipment in the playground allows the child to perform simple basic task such as picking up objects on the ground to more complex task like crossing the monkey bar. No matter what physical activity the child gets into, use of muscle movement is apparent.

Development of Social Skills

The playground setting encourages children to inter-act with one another. In this type of activity, the child’s social skills are developed. Kids learn the basic manner of introducing themselves to new people particularly potential playmates. Likewise, this kind of environment teaches the child how to make friends, alleviate their emotions and resolve conflicts. Patience, such waiting in line for your turn on the slide, and empathy, such as comforting playmates who are hurt, are some of the values that children learn in the playground.

Research studies show that children who are engage in free play are unlikely to develop depression and hostility, and commonly be free from excessive fear, rage and worry. As children are exposed to different types of people, they learn to become adaptable to whatever circumstances they are currently in.

Development of Cognitive Skills

Children who engaged in unstructured outdoor play, such as the outdoor playground, enhanced their ability to make decisions as they explore their play environment. It can also give them the opportunity to broaden their imagination. The endless possibilities and the unknown things that could happen stimulate their critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities. In the long-term, excelling in the academic areas in their life, such as literacy, mathematics and science is probable.

There are a lot of activities for children to keep themselves busy whether in entertainment or educational. However, nothing beats going to the playground as children favor activities that are spontaneous and exciting.The playground encompasses all the development aspects parents want their kids to experience which both covers entertainment and educational factor.The significant benefits of the playground are a valuable tool for parents to invest in for their kids.

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