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Playground Safety

There are quite many injuries at playgrounds that lead to trips to the hospital. These are accidents that can be easily prevented. It comes down to two things: parental supervision and maintenance of the playground. This consistent watch for the children will keep them safe as the use the equipment present. Young children must come out of a playground happy and healthy by preventing the possibility of getting hurt. Keeping a playground maintained and supervised requires following the rules and knowing all the facts of running one.

Having a proper playground guidebook will keep the playground in perfect condition for years and give a strict list of rules on how to use it. Children have to be watched while using the playground to keep them safe. It can list all of the pros and cons and goes into details on proper playground etiquette. They will recommend signs and attire kids should have on and the individual use of all types of equipment like swings, slides, teeter-totters, and monkey bars.

Safe playgrounds will have areas separated for younger children and older children so they won’t be able to mix. Equipment should be listed for different age groups (0-5 and 5-10) as intended so younger children don’t play on things meant for older ones. This is one of the main reasons for injuries from playgrounds. Parents should go over and look at the playground to see if they are maintained properly. First, note there is nothing broken, and then anything wooden is not splintering. The metal should not rust, a fence is properly keeping the playground and public streets separate, and the entire surface must be smooth and covering appropriately to soften the fall. The equipment should be durable from the elements.

Besides a safe playground and supervision, children have to know the rules in keeping the playground a safe environment and know how to behave. One, they should never push others on jungle gyms, slides, and swings. Everything they play on must follow protocol such as sliding feet first, not standing on swings, and not climbing on the side of the structures. Don’t pile into others along the ground or on the slide and keep out all types of bags to prevent any tripping. Also, don’t go on surfaces that are wet and be careful on hot sunny days because metal can cause burns to the skin.

Playgrounds let kids enjoy the fresh air and take their exercise while enjoying with friends. For parents, it allows them to be free and have fun, but they have a duty to see that what they play on is safe and that they behave properly. Every year, over 200,000 children are treated in hospitals for injuries from the playground, injuries that could easily be prevented if there was proper parental supervision. The playground can be fun and safe if the hazards are found and cared for and safety guidelines are followed. It’s simple: if children understand the, they and others won’t get hurt.

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