Ages 5-12

UP149 | Two Panel Learn-A-Lot
$2,910 $2,158
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UPLAY-79 Boulder Point | Commercial Playground Equipment
$19,900 $16,799
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UPLAY-080 Big Sky | Commercial Playground Equipment
$24,100 $19,299
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UPLAY-016 Clingman's Dome | Commercial Playground Equipment
$21,300 $18,299
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1-UPLAY-015 Slide Mountain | Commercial Playground Equipment
$20,800 $17,999
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UPLAY-012 Rainbow Lake | Commercial Playground Equipment
$20,100 $16,999
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UPLAY-013 Mount Macon | Commercial Playground Equipment
$18,500 $13,668
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UPLAY-008 Bighorn | Commercial Playground Equipment
$15,200 $12,899
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UPLAY-006 Maddies Chase | Commercial Playground Equipment
$14,000 $11,399
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1-UPLAY-005 Timber Glen | Commercial Playground Equipment
$12,900 $10,799
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UPLAY-014 Pike's Peak | Commercial Playground Equipment
$19,800 $17,159
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UPLAY-007 Cumberland Gap | Commercial Playground Equipment
$17,700 $15,059
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UPLAY-009 Carson's Canyon | Commercial Playground Equipment
$17,100 $14,399
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UPLAY-003 Signal Springs | Commercial Playground Equipment
$13,400 $11,599
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UPLAY-002 Deer Creek | Commercial Playground Equipment
$9,670 $8,499
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UPLAY-001 South Fork | Commercial Playground Equipment
$8,180 $7,199

School Playground Equipment for Ages 5-12

Just rewind the clock a few years and think of the fun you had as a kid, going up slides instead of down, swinging between trees, jumping up and down on seesaws, constantly rising up to the challenges that were sprung at you. Today’s kids may be smarter but their need for fun, excitement and adventure hasn’t changed. As they grow older, they too feel challenged and yearn for recreation that’s innovative, daring and revitalizing. School playground equipment and playground equipment at parks and community centers have become hot-spots of endless activity, recreation and fun.

Recreation is thus an important part of growing up and any playground should be able to stimulate and encourage active play and exercise. Classroom studies, cable television and video games have taken over children’s lives in a big way; that’s why it’s all the more important that they get exercise to remain active, healthy and fit. Play spaces should tempt more children to remain outdoors, develop body and mind skills, build muscle endurance and enhance their social and problem-solving skills. Age appropriate playground structures for schools, parks and community centers ensures this.

Outdoor experiences help children burn their calories, have fun and also develop stamina and strength. Children should find play activities challenging and having playground structures of increasing difficulty helps them grow alongside children. Freestanding playground structures such as monkey bars, jumping pods, and rock and rope climbers and so on should form an essential part of playground equipment. This will work well with the installed playground equipment.

Importance of right playground Equipment

This one may seem a no-brainer, but when you have to cater to children of different age-groups, have limited space and budget, then making the correct choices is a little difficult. Manufacturers are aware of this and offer pre-designed playgrounds with endless possibilities. Since most of the modern playground equipment is modular, they can be customized, modified or expanded as the need arises. Additional features and climbers of all sizes and shapes can be added, decks can be modified to cater to growing needs- the possibilities are immense.

Creative ideas

School playground ideas can transform children dramatically. School children are creative by nature and should be encouraged to use discarded tires, wood planks and barrels to create play equipment. This is especially relevant to schools on a shoestring budget. Put up simple wooden frames to resemble shop fronts and watch it turn into a creative marketplace. A few tires and some bolts and nuts and a little encouragement will have students making planes, motorbikes Skills and having a lot of fun doing so. Working and playing together builds team spirit, awakens the talent within and makes play a lot of fun.

Safety is of paramount importance

This cannot be emphasized enough- playground equipment and all playground structures need to be safe and certified with all safety standards in place. For the younger children - preschool and grade school aged kids- the equipment must be built lower to the ground and have barriers in place to ensure their safety. All play structures should be ADA accessible.

Needless to add that the kind of playground equipment you choose should fit within the play spaces that are at your disposal and should have the right capacity. Though durability is a big factor, quality should never be comprised.

As it’s often said -Play isn’t a luxury — it’s essential for a strong, inspirational and cohesive foundation. Academics is complemented by play and school playground equipment pave the way towards this. We believe in age appropriate playground equipment for children that works well with other playground accessories and amenities.

Stop by to see the kind of equipment we have for school children of all ages.