Ages 2-5

UP132 | Crawl and Toddle with Brown Plastisol Decking
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UP130 | Crawl and Toddle with Blue ComfyTuff Decking
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UP138 | Cruise-A-Long with Brown Plastisol Decking
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UP136 | Cruise-A-Long with Blue ComfyTuff Decking
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Preschool Playground Equipment for Ages 2-5

Are you looking for commercial playground equipment for toddlers? The Early Childhood System we have here at Playground Depot is ideal for children 2 to 5 years of age. It’s perfect too for parents who encourage their kids to have fun being active while imagining and staying physical with their peers at the same time. If you’re one of those who help promote or create a very safe and unique playing environment for kids at very young age, the Early Childhood System is ideal. It’s also a promising product suitable for parents who are on a tight budget yet wanted to give only the best to their children as this system is specifically designed to truly enhance kid’s imagination the earliest time possible.

Children are sensitive souls that need care and nurture. They are the free birds who want to explore and learn. The children are always on the hunt for something new which can keep them entertained and this is why they love to play outside the home. The Children’s Outdoor Play Equipment is created to address this need of the tiny tots. Playing is a great way to learn as it improves flexibility, enhances fine and gross motor skills and develops a huge variety of physical skills. Moreover, playing helps them in exploring their environment, improving coordination and attaining self- confidence.

Analyzing the playground equipment

With playing being a major personality building medium, the schools are working towards creating a good playing environment for children. There is a wide variety of Children’s Outdoor Play Equipment available and they are fast becoming an important part of the Preschool Playground Equipment. Basically, there is five important classifications of playground equipment, which includes spinning, balancing, sliding, climbing and hanging. The finest of playgrounds utilize a combination of these apparatus to provide a diverse range of stimulus that aids in better growth and development of the child. The Preschool Playground Equipment helps children to improve their learning ability along with balance and coordination in a protected environment devoid of any stress or pressure.

1) The spinners- The spinning apparatus has evolved over the years and is now more safe and stylish. The equipment comes with a standing platform and a central pole which is designed for the children to stand and spin simultaneously. Additionally, there are large discs along with a dip in the center for children to sit and spin. The equipment is a great way to teach children balance and control.

2) The sliders- The sliding apparatus is the most traditional forms of equipment used in the playground. With better structure and designing the slides are now available in various jungle themes and animated themes. The slides have now evolved from being straight to curvy, bumpy and twisty. The concept of the tunnel in the slides has also become very popular as part of Preschool Playground Equipment. The slides help in developing their gross motor skills and fine motor skills and help them achieve multi-sensory experiences.

3) The swing- The traditional swings still holds a major place as part of outdoor equipment for playing. The apparatus improves coordination of the muscles as children have to engage all muscles to stop and balance their body based on rhythm for moving back and forth. The swing teaches children about cause and effect relationship and the concept of back and forth. Moreover, the equipment gives pleasure to the children to watch the world in a new manner.

The new age playgrounds also include a variety of balancing equipment like rope walk and climbing structures. These apparatus aid children in building their upper body strength and gives them a sense of achievement once they successfully complete their task. The climbing frames are one of the most famous equipment’s available in a variety of shapes and sizes that can keep the children entertained for long.